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All motorcycle riders know that a comfortable grip is critical to long distance riding. For anyone who rides regularly, the constant vibration of the motorcycle can be a major cause of fatigue. Most riders list comfort as one of their top three concerns when choosing a motorcycle. ShockTape is designed to meet the needs of riders no matter what type of motorcycle they ride. 


ShockTape is designed to wrap around existing handlebar grips or be used on its own. It is designed as an underwrap and works best when covered with a second layer of grip tape. The high tech Sorbothane polymer in ShockTape absorbs up to 94.7% of road shock and engine vibration. The soft conforming rubber creates an ergonomic grip that reduces pressure points and pain. ShockTape is designed to work with all types of gloves and can improve grip, feel and throttle control.


ShockTape is designed to last for years of riding as long as it is protected from UV by an overwrap. Unlike foams and other cushioning tapes it will not flatten out or harden over time. This means that you can re-wrap your bars and leave the underlying ShockTape in place.


Installation Instructions:

Installation is easy and takes just a few minutes.

1. Remove the old bar grips and clean bar surfaces. Remove as much residue as possible. Rubbing alcohol works well for this.
2. Starting with the tapered end of the tape, gradually removing the adhesive backing. Some tension can be applied to the tape during wrapping, but over stretching can cause the tape to tear.
3. Cut the end of the tape at a tapered angle to finish the grip section. Multiple layers can be applied to create a unique custom grip pattern.

4. Repeat for other side of the handlebar.

5. Apply an overwrap tape such as rubber, composite or leather tape.

6. Now you're ready to ride!

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