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Most players desire a stable and comfortable grip on their crosse. The natural compression of ShockTape allows it to conform to the player’s natural grip pattern. This provides a natural ergonomic grip no mater how the player chooses to hold the crosse. Even with gloves on, the deformation of the tape improves the amount of control that a player has and the force that can be applied to the stick. The natural thickness of ShockTape can help players quickly check the position of their hands without having to look at the crosse.

ShockTape when used without an overwrap offers a very tacky surface that many players find desirable. However, deterioration of the tape due to friction and UV is accelerated without a covering. For the longest life we recommend using a thin overwrap of the player’s choice.

ShockTape conforms to US Lacrosse Rules Section17, 18, & 19 in reference to the equipment dimensions and construction of the crosse. 

Installation Instructions:

Installation is easy and takes just a few minutes.

1. Remove the old grip tape and clean grip surfaces. Remove as much adhesive and residue as possible. Rubbing alcohol works well for this.
2. Starting with the tapered end of the tape, wrap the handle while gradually removing the adhesive backing. Some tension can be applied to the tape during wrapping, but over stretching can cause the tape to tear.
3. Cut the end of the tape to finish the grip.

4. Recommended: Apply an overwrap tape such as cloth, leather or synthetic leather to prolong the life of ShockTape.
5. Now you're ready to play!

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