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ShockTape was designed primarily as an ergonomic cushioning grip tape. While many people choose to use it for sporting and athletic applications, it is also very effective for industrial and ergonomic applications. 

Medical professionals have trusted our patented Sorbothane polymer used in ShockTape for over thirty years. Sorbothane can absorb up to 94.7% of impact and vibration energy. This makes it an ideal material for ergonomic pad. In addition to being used in our ShockTape line, Sorbothane has also been incorporated into the well know Rx Sorbo line of high performance shoe insoles.

ShockTape is often applied to tool and machinery grips. It can also be applied to surfaces as a rest or cushion for extended human contact or exposure points. We recommend that it be covered with an overwrap or covering to increase long term durability. Sorbothane polymers last for between 5 and 10 years before they begin to lose their effectiveness. Extended UV, water and solvent exposure will accelerate the breakdown of the material. However, in general, Sorbothane will outlast all competing foam and urethane based pads.

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